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Can You Go Out at Night on Birthright?

When people imagine a Birthright trip, many often think about the Dead Sea, exploring the market of Tel Aviv, or visiting the Western Wall. These daytime activities leave future participants wondering: what does nighttime look like on a Birthright trip?

As a general rule, there are two nights where groups get to explore the nightlife of Jerusalem and Tel Aviv. However, this isn't a guarantee and depends on good group behavior!

The truth is each Birthright trip is different and there are various factors that play into what you can/can’t do at night.

Whether you can go out to a public establishment at night depends on a couple of things:

1. Where your accommodation is

  • For example, if your group is staying on a Kibbutz, these nights you will most likely be able to hang out after the day’s activities have ended but not able to leave the Kibbutz

2. Your Tour Educator’s judgment based on the group’s behavior and safety

Some nights you may also be allowed to explore the area nearby your accommodation up to 1km from where you are staying, but it again depends on your Tour Educator and staff's decision.

Ready to apply?

If you still have more questions, we encourage you to check out our FAQs page.

Otherwise, shoot us an email at for any specific questions!

See you in Israel 🇮🇱

The Yael Adventures Registration Team

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