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Onward Fellowship

Experience an enriching summer in Israel while elevating your digital marketing game through our exclusive 4-week fellowship program. This program is suited for ages 18-35. Tailored to suit your preferences, you have two compelling options:

Option one allows you to immerse yourself in the local culture with morning Hebrew classes followed by afternoon digital marketing sessions. Perfect for those seeking a comprehensive cultural and professional immersion.

Alternatively, option two offers morning digital marketing classes, granting you the flexibility to continue your remote work from your job back in the States during the afternoon/evening hours. Ideal for those balancing professional commitments with skill enhancement.

The program dates are: 

June 2nd - June 30th 

July 4th - July 31st


What's Included?

Included in the program are essential amenities such as accommodation in the vibrant city of Tel Aviv, a convenient bus pass for hassle-free transportation, and basic health insurance for your peace of mind.

What's not Included?

Please note that while accommodation, transportation, and health insurance are covered, meals and flights are not included in the package. 

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