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Is it Safe to go on Birthright?

Updated: Nov 29, 2022

It’s no secret that Israel is often painted as a dangerous place, so we want to clear the air and assure you that Yael Adventures and Birthright Israel work together to do everything we can to ensure a safe and secure trip for all participants. Here’s what that looks like:

What is the security like on the trip?

On your Birthright Israel trip you will be accompanied by a trained security guard who also doubles as the group’s medic. If Birthright Israel deems it necessary, they will provide additional security to the trip but this rarely happens.

In addition, you are supervised by an Israeli Tour Educator as well as two staff members ( most often from the country you travel from). The educator and staff members have adequate experience to lead the group and will always do their best to keep the group’s health, safety, and security in mind.

What happens if there’s a security situation on my trip? Will you change the itinerary of my Birthright trip?

Birthright Israel takes matters of security extremely seriously and requires Trip Organizers to approve the itinerary every single day with the “Situation Monitoring Room” which is administered by the Society for Protection of Nature. This organization works closely with Israel’s security forces, including the IDF, Israel Policy, and local security and reservation authorities. So, if there is a security or safety situation, yes, your itinerary is subject to change!

Are flights to Israel safe?

Absolutely they are! We work with airlines like El Al, Delta Airlines, and other reputable airlines to make sure you have a safe and pleasant trip to the Holy Land. You can be assured that all airlines are accredited by the International Air Transport Association and that operate within the guidelines of their Operational Safety Audit.

How will I be traveling around Israel?

For the duration of your Birthright trip you will be on a bus with your fellow participants. Birthright makes sure that all tour bus companies, drivers, etc. are up to their highest standards. Generally speaking, you will not have to take public transportation.

Can my parents reach me while I’m in Israel? How about in an emergency?

They can contact you directly if you decide to bring your phone with an international calling and data plan or by buying an Israeli SIM card. We recommend using apps like Whatsapp and Facebook Messenger. Additionally, there are a couple of ways your parents can get in contact with you while on your trip:

While the trips are on the ground, they can contact us at or by calling 323-250-8421 11:00am - 7:00pm EST Sunday - Thursday.

They can also call Birthright Israel via email at or their telephone at +1-888-99-ISRAEL (+1-888-994-7723)

We hope this blog helps clarify some of the health and safety precautions Yael Adventures and Birthright Israel take to ensure a fun and meaningful trip on Birthright Israel.

Ready to apply?

If you still have more questions, we encourage you to check out our FAQs page.

Otherwise, shoot us an email at for any specific questions!

See you in Israel 🇮🇱

The Yael Adventures Registration Team

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