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What is the purpose of Birthright Israel?

It sounds too good to be true, right? A FREE trip to Israel at no cost to the participant…there must be a catch!

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Let’s address a commonly (and rightly so!) asked question: What is the purpose of Birthright Israel?

Birthright Israel’s mission is “to give every young Jewish adult around the world the opportunity to visit Israel on an educational trip.”

Birthright Israel was created as a solution to an increasingly pressing issue: the disconnect of Jews in the diaspora to their identity, community, and homeland. Funded by founders Charles Bronfman and Michael Steinhardt, the Israeli government, private donors, the Jewish Agency for Israel, and Jewish communities around the world, in the 1990's Birthright Israel was born.

So now that we know why Birthright Israel was created, let’s move on to the purpose of the trips.

The goal of each trip is to strengthen participants’ Jewish identity and connection with Israel.

The ultimate hope is that young people continue their exploration of their Jewish identity and support for Israel after the trip and forge long-lasting relationships with the Israelis and other participants on the trip.

According to Birthright Israel, they encourage “alumni to take active roles in Jewish organizations and to participate in follow-up activities worldwide.”

So there you have it: an overview of why Birthright was created, the purpose of Birthright Israel, and the goal of each trip.

If you still have more questions, feel free to check out our FAQs page.

Otherwise, shoot us an email at for any specific questions!

See you in Israel 🇮🇱

The Yael Adventures Registration Team

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