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What happens on a Birthright trip?

Most people who are familiar with Birthright Israel know that it’s a 10 day trip for Jews to explore Israel. Many times people aren’t quite sure how each day is filled which begs the question: “What happens on a Birthright trip?”

So let’s explore some of the different aspects you'll encounter at some point on your Birthright Israel trip itinerary.

Get active

Almost all Birthright trips incorporate many opportunities to get active. This may include floating in the Dead Sea, going on hikes in the Golan Heights and/or in the Negev Desert, and hiking the infamous Masada fortress. In addition to activities like these, you will likely be constantly moving and walking around; whether it is exploring the market in Jerusalem or getting lost in the streets of Tel Aviv. If all of this sounds like out of your comfort zone of movement, don’t worry! You will have the opportunity to take breaks and go at your own pace and can email us at with any concerns.

Explore Jewish Identity

An essential aspect of every Birthright Israel experience is to have the space to explore your Jewish heritage - the Jewish culture, history, and relationship to Israel. We make sure to provide activities that will allow you to learn about, ask questions, and connect with your Jewish identity. Whether it is visiting Yad Vashem, Israel’s most prominent Holocaust museum, Har Herzl, Israel's national cemetery, or the Western Wall of the Second Temple in the Old City of Jerusalem, the program is designed to encourage you to reflect on meaningful experiences that strengthen your Jewish identity.

Experience culture and food

In addition to providing historical context and educational experiences for you, we want to make sure you get to see Israeli culture in action. Whether it’s roaming the streets of Tzfat, a city in the North of Israel known for its vibrant art scene, or spending a night out in Tel Aviv to bask in its buzzing nightlife, we make sure to include plenty of time for you to immerse yourself in Israel’s rich culture. Not to mention, throughout your experience you’ll have the chance to dazzle your taste buds with Israel’s fresh Mediterranean cuisine with typical dishes like shawarma, falafel, hummus, and shakshuka!

Make friends

Don’t forget there will be about 30-40 other participants in your group that you will be having all of these incredible experiences with! Most of them will be from the country of origin you flew from,

but you will also be accompanied by Israelis around your age. This is one of the most incredible aspects of the Birthright Israel experience - the fact that you are able to engage in fun and memorable experiences alongside new friends from all over!

Bonus - Niche trips

Some trips are called “Niche” trips which mean they follow a theme in some way. While the vast majority of Birthright Israel trips are the classic Birthright Israel experience, you also have the ability to select a niche trip that is a more specialized trip. At Yael Adventures, we offer a classic trip, called Hello Israel, and our niche trip, Hi-Gear. What’s the difference? Hi-Gear is like the classic trip, except the outdoors and active experiences are more exaggerated. For example, on the Hi-Gear trip you might find yourself on more challenging hikes like the Via Ferrata pictured, or snorkeling in Eilat. No matter the trip you choose, you will be able to experience Israel alongside Israelis and hit most of the main spots mentioned before!

So what are you waiting for?

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