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5 Reasons to Visit Israel in the Winter

Let's face it. Winter in America and Canada is COLD. No, like really cold. Yes, like SNOWY COLD. Here in Israel it's a little less cold. Here are some reasons to take the leap and pay the Holy Land a visit this winter.

1. Exchange frosty weather for t-shirt weather

This ones for the Northeasters, the Midwesters, and anyone who dreads the bitter cold that the winter months bring in the United States or Canada. Ditch the below-freezing temps and escape to Tel Aviv, where the average weather is 68°F in December. I know what you're thinking: 68°F?? That's not even warm! Did I mention the average temperature in NY in December? 42°F!

2. Experience Hanukkah like you never have before

Ever wonder what Hanukkah is like in Israel? Here's your chance to find out and see it for yourself! Feel the warm spirit that permeates the country as you pass by countless houses with Menorahs lighting up the window-sills, sink your teeth into authentic foods such as sufganiyot (donuts) and latkes that only come once a year, and spin the dreidel with your bus-mates! Hanukkah in Israel is a memory that is sure to last.

3. Spend New Years in the Holy Land

Known as "Sylvester" here in Israel, there is no shortage of partying to be had to ring in the New (but not on the Hebrew calendar!) Year. You can't go wrong to find yourself in Tel Aviv partying on the streets, Jerusalem dancing around by the Kotel, or celebrating in any other destination in Israel while you're on the trip of a lifetime. Seriously, does it get any better than a FREE trip to Israel where you ALSO get to spend New Years on the other side of the world? Yael Adventures will make sure you have an unbeatable experience as we welcome in the New Year together!

4. Less tourism = a more authentic experience

This one is simple - there are less tourists in Israel in the winter. Want to really get to know what it's like here, to see the country how it is when it's not flooded with a million tourists? This is the optimal time to do so. Less traffic, less waiting in lines, and even more attention to making your experience that much better. We try our best to make your itinerary stacked with all of the must-see attractions and must-do activities!

5. Cheaper extension after your trip ends

Technically this doesn't affect everyone going in the winter, but for those who it does, it's a huge bonus! Are you thinking of staying in Israel longer or continuing your travels after the trip ends? Now is the time to do it! Like the last reason, you can enjoy lower prices due to the lower volume of tourism in the country. Everything from activities, to accommodation, to flights from Israel will be that much cheaper!

What are you waiting for? Join us on a trip this winter, you won't regret it!

You can check out the winter trips we have available here

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